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The Anatomy of a Joke

This blog considers the use of ‘humour’ as an excuse for offensive and discriminatory statements. It looks at how jokes are constructed, how they are told, and what makes them funny. Throughout this the importance of subverting power dynamics is highlighted as a key factor in the use of humour around dark or emotive subjects, and the distinction between a joke and an offensive statement is defined. Continue reading



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The Police: the Case Against

There is a commonly held assumption that the police are a necessary presence in a civilised society, one that ensures the preservation of social order. And yet this assumption is deeply ideological, blurring the distinction between the act of policing with the existence of an institutional police force. This blog will query the supposed necessity of the police, asking how they gain their legitimacy and whether this is deserved. Continue reading


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Gender, Power, and Struggle: Part II

The first part of this blog considered the socialisation of gender roles and how this creates underlying norms that ensure the continuation of patriarchy. This led to a discussion of rape culture, arguing that binary gender roles underpin this culture; therefore rape culture cannot be abolished without the end of patriarchy. Part two will consider the role of the state in constructing these gender roles, leading on to a discussion of what this means for protest and political groups. Continue reading

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Gender, Power, and Struggle: Part I

This blog considers the construction of gender roles and the consequences this has upon our society, including the existence of rape culture. Theories that suggest “essential differences” will be questioned, and in doing so the potential for change will also be raised. This is part one of a two part post. Continue reading


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