Bad Apples?

This blog was initially a twitter rant that, due to a positive response, has been compiled here. With thanks to @boutmycolumn for his “bad apple said the branch…” tweet.

Remember the expenses scandal, when MPs had moats and tennis courts serviced, and some got done for false accounting? Bad apples.

Remember Mark Kennedy, the undercover cop whose actions mean that 55 convictions are now deemed potentially unsafe? Bad apple.

Remember Simon Harwood, currently on trial for the death of Ian Tomlinson? Bad apple.

Remember the police present at the death of Smiley Culture, who refused to be interviewed or provide any information? Bad apples.

Remember when the IPCC lost 100 lawyers in mass resignation, citing the IPCC’s rejection of evidence & favouring of the police? Bad apples.

Remember when the UKBA was found by a study to be homophobic and sexist, using strip searches to humilate and ogle? Bad apples.

Remember when the newspapers tapped the phones of victims and grieving families, in order to have exclusive stories? Bad apples.

Remember when newspapers paid the police for information? (Remember when the police sold information to the papers?) Bad apples.

Remember when the PM employed & socialised with (ex)editors of such papers? When they said “we’re definitely in this together”? Bad apples.

Remember when the banks manipulated lending rates, furthering their own interest by fraudulent means? Bad apples.

Remember that in the past few years we’ve seen scandals in parliament, in the police, in banking corporations and in the press. Bad apples?

It’s just a bad apple said the branch. It’s just a bad branch said the roots. It’s just a bad tree said the forest, it’s just a bad forest said the soil…

This series provoked two responses, offering further evidence of corruption in the police:

The cover-up of hundreds of rapes committed against police colleagues and civilians (link provided by @boutmycolumn)

And the murder (and subsequent investigations) of Daniel Morgan (link provided by @_JamesDavies)



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3 responses to “Bad Apples?

  1. James Edwards

    Lucky we live in a transparent democracy then…

  2. B.F

    Would it be possible to reproduce some of your work for a zine? (it is going to be and its sole aim is education) Email me if you are interested and i can give you more details! Thanks, i love your blog!

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